Who are we:

  • World leader in digital electro seismic aquifer mapping.

  • New Zealand based – field survey crews available around the world.

  • Thousands of successful projects mapped globally.

  • Overall success rate on drilled wells is 86% (this is very good as we are often called into difficult areas.

  • Depth. From surface to 5000 metres / 16,000ft – client selects the depth.

  • Typical field crew is two person.

What we do:

ATS business models:

We have two business models.

OPTION ONE: The client contacts us with a potential project.

ATS discusses the project with the client and then quotes the job. That quote covers ATS sending a data acquisition crew and weight drop rig to the client’s site and completes the field data acquisition. The recorded field data is then emailed to the ATS data processing center. There it is put through the ATS software. From there a senior ATS staff member will view the project and prepare what is normally a 100 page report. The report will contain several 2D and 3D models. The models are exportable into third party modelling platforms if required. A one hour online presentation of the survey results can be included and will be conducted by an ATS PHD staff member. Digital voice over models can also be included within the quotation.

OPTION TWO: The ATS GeoSuite App

  • This system allows clients to run their own aquifer mapping projects by downloading the ATSGEOSUITE APP.

  • See below information link or download directly on the Play store platform.

  • ATS also offers consultation on projects created on the app. Please feel free to discuss.

Typical Clients:

  • Multinational Engineering Companies,

  • Irrigation Professionals,

  • Municipalities,

  • Government Departments,

  • Drilling Companies,

  • Farmers,

  • Humanitarian,

  • Orchardists ……..

Some recent examples:

  1. Rotorua New Zealand. Farmer had drilled 4 wells looking for water. All 4 wells were dry. He contacted ATS. A crew was sent in. Sited a new well which was just 200 metres away from where they had last drilled. The new ATS well produces 16,000 litres per hour.

  2. Bakersfield California. Ranch owners old well had failed. Called ATS in and a new well was sited. The new well is 70 metres away from the old well.

    • Old well produced 40 GPM.

    • New well produces 400 GPM.

  3. Utah. An ATS sited well produces 10 times the amount of water that any other well within 50 square miles produces.

  4. India. Over 1000 successful wells drilled.

  5. Australia. Large scale onshore oil operation successfully mapped. Multiple upsides for the operator were achieved.

  6. New Zealand. Mapped a large-scale thermal project in very difficult conditions. Deliverables were the ATS fluid temperature estimation was very accurate when drilled.

  7. USA. Enhanced oil Recovery. Mapped a steam injection EOR operation and provided information on where the steam chest was located in comparison to where the chest was supposed to be located.

  8. Salt. Mapped an in-situ salty mining operation in Europe.

  9. Australia. Mapping a heavily contaminated ground water system for the Australian Government.

  10. California. Mapped the aquifers under a large strawberry growing operation. This included locating, mapping and 3D modelling all aquifers and confining clay-based layers. It also included mapping new well locations into the deep paleochannel formations. Acre-feet reservoir estimations were also provided and saline intrusion into the shallow fresh water aquifers were also modelled.


Contact Us:

If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please contact us:

John McKendry – Managing Director – john@aquatronic.net or +64 21 629129. (NZST).