We develop software-based geophysical tools for groundwater exploration

ATS has been developing and testing the GeoSuite set of technologies for the past 12 years and are now ready to bring these innovations to the world at large. The GeoSuite App is designed to deliver high-end, easy-to-use geophysical tools to global market sectors which rely on Groundwater for their existence. These sectors include the rural development, water supply, agricultural and environmental sectors. 

Now with GIS Maps

The ATS GeoSuite App now includes GIS Map functionality to help better define a survey sites groundwater setting.

The GIS Maps functions include:

  • Topographical Maps
  • Lithological Maps
  • Magnetic Maps
  • Gravity Maps
  • Faultline Maps and
  • Water Shed Maps

All of these data set allow for a better understanding of your survey site Geological and Hydro-Geological setup which will allow the user to better interpret the recorded Electro-Seismic, Electro-Telluric and Magneto-Telluric data collected on the site.

All these maps are exportable as High Resolution Geo-referenced TIF images that can be included in client reports.


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What we Do

We develop software-based geophysical tools targeted at groundwater exploration.

The ATS GeoSuite App can:

  • Locate and quantify aquifers and groundwater resources
  • Delineate variations in groundwater salinity
  • Define a site's geology and lithology
  • Locate and define geological structures
  • Delineate geological formation interfaces
  • Delineate geological faulting structures under a site
  • Locate fractured geological formations under a site
  • Delineate geological formation clay content
  • Measure soil resistivity
  • and much more.

The GeoSuite App

The GeoSuite App is a complete software solution for groundwater exploration using geophysical methods

What makes us different?

The use of geophysics to conduct groundwater exploration is not new. For decades people have been using geophysical technologies such as resistivity, electro-magnetic and magnetic methods to reduce groundwater development risks and costs. However, these technologies do not generally cater to the average user who wants to find groundwater themselves. The reason for this is that geophysical technologies can be technically challenging and often costly.

This is where our project is different. The ATS GeoSuite App is designed to be the every-man's toolbox for groundwater exploration. The GeoSuite App includes electro-seismic, resistivity and magnetic geophysical technologies in one easy-to-use, portable package. Everything you need to find groundwater is on your phone. Even the hardware consists of low-cost, off-the-shelf products. The GeoSuite App has been designed to fully automate all the complex processes required by geophysical systems to produce a result. This make it possible for people with no experience in geophysics to collect, process and visualize their sites' groundwater systems.

Our challenge

Our challenge was to develop a suite of geophysical tools for groundwater exploration, that would effectively run on a portable smartphone device, without any additional specialized hardware. This system would have to be so simple to operate that literally anyone, anywhere, could use it to find groundwater.

The ATS GeoSuite App is the culmination of our efforts to make such a product a reality.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide our powerful, portable and easy-to-use geophysical tools to anyone who needs to find groundwater.

Not only do we want to make geophysical tools easy to use, but cost effective too. All our Apps provide the user with free processing of survey points that do not exceed 50 meters, or 165 feet, in depth of investigation.

Our commitment

ATS is truly committed to being part of the solution toward alleviating the global concern of clean water access. To this end, our policy is to supply a processing point, for everyone purchased, to non-profit organizations (NPO) dealing in groundwater development. In so doing, we are making our technology available to those who need it most.

What we achieved

What we succeeded in developing is a practical set of geophysical tools which provide actionable information for groundwater exploration. These tools can be used by anybody, anywhere in the world.

The GeoSuite App provided set of technologies is designed to provide transparent, easy to understand data sets that integrate well with other geophysical data collected by other geophysical equipment.

The point here is to reduce the risks involved in groundwater exploration by using a multi-faceted approach to exploration. What we are aiming for is a data set that is similar to what you would find in a driller's well log. So, in essence, a GeoSuite data set is in many ways a virtual borehole log. All the information you need at a specific location concerning the geology and geohydrology is obtained without actually drilling the hole.

Simplicity is our aim. We made something as complicated as geophysics, as easy as operating a mobile App. This was only possible by automating the majority of the complex processes needed to produce results in a geophysical survey.

In essence, all a user really needs to do is tell the App where information is to be collected, and automated software takes care of the rest.

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