What We Do

ATS is a world leader in Electro-Seismic Technology. We have undertaken 12 years research and development and our core business is focused on the design and development of electro-seismic geophysical equipment and services to be utilized by geo-consultants, geo-hydrologists, geo-physicists, agricultural developer, well drillers, environmentalists as well as larger agricultural concerns, involved in groundwater, environmental and geothermal development. Our mission is to provide world renowned geophysical services as well as groundwater, environmental and geothermal management solutions that support the optimal management of these resources.
Our flagship product, the GeoSuite software tool, has been successfully used both locally and internationally. The GeoSuite package currently includes electro-seismic sounding technology that directly detects the presence of water in aquifer systems and provides permeability information for
those aquifer systems. The electro-seismic geophysical technology developed as part of a research project to ascertain the accuracy of electro-seismic methods at delineating aquifer systems and rock permeability parameters, has proven to be accurate at delineating aquifers. Peer reviewed theses and
published papers have documented the studies done using the GeoSuite system. The GeoSuite tool has since then been tested and optimized to be an effective aquifer mapping tool and groundwater, environmental and geothermal resource detection tool, for both the commercial and private sector.

ATS supplies cutting edge consulting services on projects that employ our technologies. These services are provided as reports detailing the interpretation and analysis of data obtained using the GeoSuite package.