The GeoSuite App has been specifically designed to provide the user with a complete and comprehensive set of geophysical tools targeted at groundwater exploration within a portable and simplistic software package.

The GeoSuite App provided set of technologies are designed to provide transparent, easy to understand data sets that integrate well with any other geophysical data collected by other geophysical equipment.

The point here is to reduce the risks involved in groundwater development by using a multi-faceted approach to exploration. What we are going for is a data set that is similar to what you would find in a drillers well log. So in essence, a GeoSuite data set is in many ways, a virtual borehole log. All the info you need at a specific location concerning the geology and geohydrology can be obtain without actually drill the hole.

Simplicity is our aim. We wanted to make something as complicated as geophysics as easy as operating a mobile App. This was only made possible by automating the majority of the complex processes needed to produce results in a geophysical survey. In essence, all a user really needs to do is tell the App where information is to be collected, and automated software takes care of the rest.

The GeoSuite App includes full functionality for :

1) Account setup and Device registration

All a user needs to setup an ATS account and register a GeoSuite Application is built directly into the GeoSuite App. There is no need to login to a Web based registration site to setup a mobile device.

2) Survey setup

A full set of function are built into the app which allow the user to visually plan and design a survey grid, before a survey is commenced. This accomplished by a touch interactive Google Maps interface which allows the user to create single points, a profile line of points or a 3D grid point layout. All points are completely editable after creation and can be moved or deleted by the user at any time. Once a survey grid is setup, all the points are point files are setup and saved for later use.

The GeoSuite App provides a full set of functions to build custom seismic velocity models applied to sites. There are also a set of inbuilt standard seismic velocity models that can be used or edited by the user.

3) Acquiring Field Data

Once on site, finding the location of the survey points could not be easier. The GeoSuite App has builtin functionality that will guide the user to a setup point location. Once at the survey point location, the user can initiate a point data acquisition. This process is fully automated. The app will check if your cables are functioning correctly, measure the site noise characteristics and inform the user if there is a problem and record all the necessary GPS and soil resistivity data needed to complete a survey a a point location. If everything checks out, the user can initiate the data acquisition process. This will collect the Magnetic, Electro-Seismic and Magnetotelluric data at that point. All the data is automatically filtered, extracted, correlated and stacked within a matter of a few seconds without any user intervention.

Internet connectivity is not required to acquire, visualize or edit raw field data.

4) Editing Field Data

Once the data is squired, the user can immediately visualize the raw data and determine if the survey data is of good quality though a set of quality control variables, calculated by the GeoSuite Application. The app has functionality that allows the user to fully edit the collected data. Once the user is satisfied that the data acquisition is up to standard, the data can be saved for later processing. At any point in time, the user can edit any project point data.

5) Processing Field Data

Processing data after a survey is completed could not be easier. The user simply selects which points need to be processed presses start. The entire processing process is fully automated with no need for any user input. In total, 25 unique and 20 synergistic data sets are processed for use in site analysis. Additionally, 17 unique quality controls are available to the user to determine the quality of the processed data and risk included in a survey result. All processed data is stored on the mobile device for access by the user at any time regardless of cloud connectivity.

The GeoSuite App is capable currently capable of processing data to a maximum depth of 100m to 600m, depending on the seismic source used and the seismic velocity model for any given site.

6) Analyzing, Visualizing and Interpreting Processed Data

The GeoSuite App has built in functionality to visualize all of the processed data sets in 1D, 2D and 3D formats. Full control of the interpolation variables and chart functions is provided to the user so custom results output can be built within the App. The App has a full set of data calibration functions that allow the user to visualize the data in real world terms of permeability etc. A well yield tool is provided to estimate well yield a any given point. The tool allows for the implementation of screen effects and targeted formation screening.

7) Exporting Data

All data sets are exportable to industry standard CSV format files that the user can import into 3rd party data visualization tools for further interpretation and reporting.