Change ATS Account Password

Should the user choose to change the password of the current ATS Account, the following steps can be followed.

Select the "Account Management" option from the main menu.

Now select the Change Password Option at the bottom of the menu.

The "Change Account Password" menu will appear. Enter and re-enter the new account password in the fields provided. It is important to note that changing an account password will result in the removal of all device registered on the account. This will effectively make all those devices unusable until they are re-registered to the account. If the user is fine with this, simply click on the check button to send a password change request email to the account email address.

A message will appear indicating the an Account Password Request email has been sent to the account holders email address.

The Account Password Change email sent to the account email address contains the details of the password change and provides a button to accept those changes. If the user wishes to proceed with the password change, simply click on the "Change Account Password" button provided in the email. If not, the user should simply ignore the password change request. It will expire at 12:00 am GMT time the following day.

If the user did accept the password change in the Password Change Request email, then a confirmation email will be sent by ATS confirming the password change.