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ATS is a world leader in not only Electro-Seismic technology tools and software development, but also in Electro-Seismic geophysical project consulting. We bring 15 years of consulting experience in the electro-seismic geophysical field to benefit our clients and their geophysical projects.

Why use our consulting Services?

Even though the ATS GeoSuite application has made it very easy to collect, process and generate usable (actionable) results from an electro-seismic geophysical survey, electro-seismic geophysics is an incredibly complicated field of study that requires a great deal of experience and skill to correctly interpret. We make our decades of experience available to our clients through our consulting services to help our clients build, process, evaluate, interpret and report on their electro-seismic geophysical projects.

In short, our consultants help our clients make sense of their geophysical projects by providing them with professional reporting, interpretations and recommendations on the complex geophysical data collected by the client.

Additionally, our consulting services save our clients time and money that they would have otherwise spent trying to build, process, evaluate, interpret and report on their electro-seismic geophysical projects.

So how does it work?

If a client, who has collected electro-seismic data using the GeoSuite app, wants ATS to consult on a project then the following steps can be used as a guideline as to how a consultation can be arranged:

  • The the client should first contact ATS at and discuss a consultation booking with one of our consultants.
  • After a booking is made, the client will be asked to send through the GeoSuite App project data using the GeoSuite App export functions.
  • The ATS consultant will then use the data to produce a project report detailing the findings and interpretations of the project geophysical data sent by the client.
  • If additional data is required to produce the report, then the ATS will discuss it with the client.
  • Once complete, a report and project data will be delivered to the client.


On the completion of the consulting service to a client, the client will recieve the following data:

  • A report detailing the following
    • A introduction the the GeoSuite geophysical methods.
    • The site geographical details.
    • The site noise characterization.
    • The site data risk evaluations.
    • An interactive 3D model of the project data sets that can be viewed inside the report.
    • A discussion of each of the data sets collected by the GeoSuite app.
    • An interpretation of each of the relevant data sets.
    • Recommendations on the site data.
  • A complete Golden Software Voxler 3D model project file that can be used to evaluate the 3D project data in more detail.
  • A full independent and interactive 3D model of the project data in the PDF format, that can be inserted into any PDF document or pretension.
  • A full set of project data sets in the CSV format that can be imported into most 3rd party 3D visualization software tools.
  • A full set of project noise characterization data sets in the CSV format that can be imported into most 3rd party 2D visualization software tools.
  • A full set of site 2D noise visual data sets in Golden Software Surfer project files and PNG images.
  • One post delivery audio consultation with an ATS consultant, post delivery, to discuss the report.


For a standard consultation including the deliverables indicated in the previous section we charge $1.00 US per running meter of data to be consulted on with a minimum consultation charge of $2000.00 + taxes per consultation.

For example, if the user wishes to consult with us on ten points of data to a depth of 300 meters then the cost of the consultation will be $3000.00 US + taxes.

Another example is, if the user chooses to consult with us on 100 points to a depth of 10m, then the cost of the consultation will be $2000.00 US + taxes, not $1000.00 US + taxes, as the minimum consultation fee of $2000.00 US + taxes applies in this case.

Should any work be required by the client that extends beyond the scope of the standard deliverables listed in the section above then ATS will charge an additional $200.00 US + Taxes per hour required to render the additional, out of standard scope, services.


ATS does not provide inclusive consulting services to any client that purchases or uses credits on the ATS GeoSuite Application. Our consulting services are an extra service provided to the client at a negotiated cost to the client. Our consulting services are not guarantied to be available to all clients in all parts of the world and are subject to the availability of time and resources at ATS disposal.


Although Aquatronic Solutions ("ATS", "ATS No.1 LTD") exercises due diligence in the preparation and execution of all our geophysical investigations and reports, we (‘Aquatronic Solutions’, 'ATS', ATS No.1 LTD) will not be held liable for any financial or physical losses, damages, injuries or claims incurred or made by any persons, companies, organizations or institutions who makes use of the information in this report. As the Electro-seismic, Electro-Telluric, Magneto-Telluric, Resistivity and Magnetic methods and technologies used in the GeoSuite application are geophysical technologies with inherent uncertainties, Aquatronic Solutions ("ATS", "ATS No.1 LTD") does not guarantee that the information, results or recommendations, published in our reports, to be accurate and will not accept, or be liable for, any claim of financial losses due to the unsuccessful exploration results, or otherwise, using the information in our reports on the part of the client and their associates, subsidiaries, contractors, consultants, employees or investors.

The client acknowledges and accepts that Aquatronic Solutions cannot predict well groundwater, or other fluid, flow rates, yields or flow sustainability. Additionally, the client accepts that Aquatronic Solutions only provides electro-seismic information in its reports and is not responsible for siting of well placements, or full hydrological evaluations of any surveyed site.

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