Export Project Data

If the user wishes to export the project data to a CSV file foe importation into a third party visualization tool, the Export Project Data function can be used.

Select the "Export Project Data" option from the Projects menu. The full menu can be seen by left swiping the Projects options bar. Right swiping will close the full option menu.


Select the the points under the Export Project Data list, which must be exported. If a calibration must be applied to the export, select the calibration point to apply to the export. Set the export data depth ( default 100m ). If SRTM elevation data is to be used, select the "Use SRTM Elevation".

Export Button

Export Button

Press the Export button to proceed with generating the Export files.

If the Export file are successfully generated, they can be found in the documents folder on the device.

Data, Collar and Noise files will be generated for each export.

The naming convention for each file is as follows:

  • Data file - ATS.csv
  • Collar file - ATS Elevation.csv
  • Noise file - ATS Quality Control.csv
  • Specification file - ATS Specs.csv