Process Project Data

Once the geophysical data has been collected for each point on in a project, the user may need to process the bulk data in the project. This can be done using the Process Project Data function.

Select the "Process Project Data" option from the Projects menu. The full menu can be seen by left swiping the Projects options bar. Right swiping will close the full option menu.


Select the the points under the Process Data list, which must be processed. The number of available processing credits on the user account will be shown, in this case 960 credits are available.

The calculated depth to which the data will be processed using the seismic velocity model applied to each point and the selected processing depth is shown next to each selected list item. In this case the selected point data will be processed to a depth of 50m using the standard metamorphic seismic velocity model applied to the point and a processing depth of 10ms.

The default processing depth, under "Processing Options", is 10ms.

Select the amount of time to be processed per point. A maximum of 100ms can be processed on any point using the GeoSuite app. The number of credits that will be deducted from your account. per point processed, is also shown next to the Process time selection.

If the user changes the processing time selection, the "Process Data" list will reflect the new calculated processing depth that each point will processed to, using the applied point seismic velocity model and the selected processing time.

Process Button

Process Button

If all the processing settings are completed, press the Process button to start processing the selected data.

The progress of the Point processing will be shown. It takes approximately 30 seconds to process one point.

When the processing is complete, a Processing Complete label will be shown for each point in the Process Data list.

Once the processing has completed, a notification will also be sent to the device notification center.