Check Account Usage

The ATS GeoSuite app contains a account usage function that will allow the user to check project points processed on the user account. To access the account usage features, follow the following instructions.

Select the "Device Management" option from the main menu.

Select the "Permissions, Logs & Reports" option from the Device Management menu.

Now select the "Account" tab.

Enter the start and end dates for which you would like to conduct the search in the provided fields then select the "Search" option.

The grid list will show all the processing event that occurred on any of the user account devices during the the specified date range.

The data field include :

  1. The Device ID on which the processing event occurred
  2. The access level at which the processing event was conducted
  3. The Server Date and time that the processing event occurred
  4. The Latitude and Longitude coordinate, in WGS84 Decimal Degrees, of the processed point.