Permissions, Logs and Reports

The ATS GeoSuite app contains a full set of Error and usage logs as well as app Error and Usage reporting features that follow a set of user defined permissions. These permission setting are fully customization by the user and can be disabled at any time. To access the app permissions, error logs and reporting features, follow the following instructions.

Select the "Device Management" option from the main menu.

Select the "Permissions, Logs & Reports" option from the Device Management menu.

The setting tab shows Logging and Tracking permissions which can be altered at any time.

The Error and Usage tab under the Log tab shows all the usage and error log data recored in the current log file on the device.

The credit usage tab under the Log tab shows the data processing events recorded on the device log file.

The Report tab shows the error and usage reporting funtions which allows the user to log an official error report to ATS for review.

Simply enter the details of the fault in the provided text box, Agree to sending log data to ATS for review and then select thesend option.

The log file and fault message will be sent to ATS technical staff for review. Once sent, an "Error Report Sent" message will appear to confirm the report has been sent.