Estimate Point Yield

The ATS GeoSuite App has a yield estimation function which will allow the user to estimate the yield in Liter per second calculated using Darcy's Law using the calibration data entered by the user for the point and the bore well diameter specified by the user for a given point depth range. It is important to note that this estimate is only valid if the user entered the calibration data for the point in meter per day.

This yield estimation function will only work if the point of interest has been previously calibrated.

To use this function select a point under the "1D View Tab" of the "Visualize Data" menu. The point selected must contain calibration data.

Once the point of interest has been selected, the user must then select the Yield Tab and specify a bore diameter in mm. The default bore diameter is set to 152 mm. A yield estimate, in Liters per Second, will be shown for the entire point depth range in the "Calculated Yield L/s" text box.

To adjust the yield estimate to a specific depth range, the user may define the depth range by shifting the high and low sliders to the right of the chart. The target depth range will be shown on the chart by the blue trace and the yield estimate will be adjusted accordingly.