GIS Maps

A new feature to the ATS GeoSuite 1.1.9 update 10 is the ability to create GIS maps for a survey site.

These maps include:

  • Topographical maps
  • Lithological maps
  • Magnetic maps
  • Gravity maps
  • Faultline maps
  • Water Shed maps

To access these GIS maps simply open a project then click on the GIS Maps option.

Once open, the project GIS Mapping functions will be displayed. The options shown include:

Center Lat - Survey site center Latitude coordinate (non-editable)

Center Lon - Survey site center Longitude coordinate (non-editable)

Zoom Level - The user definable map zoom level (1 - 22)

Bearing - The user definable map bearing angle (1 - 360)

Lat Max - Survey site maximum Latitude (non-editable)

Lon Max - Survey site maximum Longitude (non-editable)

Lat Min - Survey site minimum Latitude (non-editable)

Lon Min - Survey site minimum Longitude (non-editable)

Show Site Borders - defines the site borders on the maps

Export Maps to Device - Exports all selected maps to the device "ATS GIS Folder" under the "Documents" folder of the device, as Geo-referenced TIF files.

The maps that can be generated are shown on the "Apply to" window as a series of checkbox options. Select the maps that are to be generated from these options.

Render GIS Maps

Render GIS Maps

Once the setup process is complete, select the Render option to generate the maps.




Once the maps have been generated, simply select the map tab for the map that is to be viewed.