Process Point Data

Once the geophysical data has been collected for a point on in a project, the user may need to process the point data. This can be done using the Process Point Data function. first select a point on the Project Data list.

Select the "View/Edit Point Data" option from the Project Data menu. The full menu can be seen by left swiping the Projects options bar. Right swiping will close the full option menu.


Select the the points under the Process Data list, which must be processed. The point must already have field data assigned to it.

To process the point data, as per the current user account ATS Processing Server Access Level, press the "Process data" button.

A window will appear indicating the progress of the point process function. The processing function will take approximately 30 seconds to complete. Once complete the window will inform the app of a successful process completion.

Once complete, the Point Data menu will re-appear.

Select the accept button to save the processed data to the point.