Purchase ATS Server Access Level

This option will allow you to purchase ATS server access to the 10ms, 25ms, 50ms , 75ms or 100ms processing servers. This will allow for the processing of data to depths greater than the standard 5ms. The purchased access level will provide unlimited access to the relevant processing server for a period of 365 days. An active ATS account is required to purchase any ATS Server Access Level.

    Server Access Level Processing Time (ms) Cost ($US) Approximate Min Processing Depth (m) Approximate Max Processing Depth (m)
    0 5 Free 20 30
    1 10 200 40 60
    2 25 500 100 150
    3 50 1000 200 300
    4 75 1500 300 450
    5 100 2000 400 600

    Note : As the final processing depth is determined by the seismic velocity model applied to the data, the approximate processing depths shown here are only estimates of the minimum and maximum processing depths.


    • ATS does not currently provide discounts to the client on ATS Processing Server Access Level Upgrades. So please ensure that the access level chosen is sufficient for your long term needs.
    • Additionally, ATS does not currently provide a license cancellation and reimbursement option to the client, once a license has been purchased and issued to an account.