How it works

Getting started could not be simpler. Literally, all that is needed is:

  • A Smartphone device with the GeoSuite App loaded
  • A sledge hammer as an entry level seismic source
  • Two steel pins (Nine inch nails will work)
  • A modified audio cable that can be constructed at home using off the shelf parts and equipment.
  • An optional base plate for when you are working on very soft ground
  • and some Personal protection equipment

One of the major plus sides of the ATS GeoSuite system is that there is virtually no overhead costs getting the data you need to describe your groundwater systems. Everything you need can be obtained at your local hardware store.

Seismic source options

As the GeoSuite App has a software based triggering system, any impulse type seismic source can be used to collect electro-seismic data.

These include:

  • A Sledgehammer
  • A buffalo gun
  • A weight drop system
  • A post driver