Purchase Processing Credits

In order to process any data using the ATS server, at least one credit purchase transaction must take place every 365 days.

Select the "Account Management" option from the main menu.

Now select the In-App Purchases Option at the bottom left of the menu. The one that looks like a shopping cart.

Enter the number of credits you would like to purchase. An absolute minimum of 20 credits can be bought per purchase transaction. PayPal may restrict the upper purchase value limit, depending on the country the user is making the purchase from. Please verify your upper payment limit by visiting PayPal's website. When any credit purchase is made, the time limit to use those credits is 365 days. Should the user not use the credits within this period, the credits will not be lost. To reactivate them, the user need only make another purchase and the current credits will become available again for use.

When finished, proceed by clicking on the Check Out button.

The PayPal purchase portal will then load and require the user to login to their PayPal account. If the user does not have a PayPal account, one must first be created to complete the transaction.

Once the user is logged into PayPal the transaction can be completed by clicking on the Continue button.

If the transaction completed successfully, the app will inform the user.

If the transaction completed successfully, the app will inform the user.

An Email will be sent to the users email address confirming the transaction and providing an invoice for the transaction.

Your account details will now reflect the purchased credits on your account.